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Unleash the beast.....- BATTLE REQUESTS- by midnightwolf2334
Unleash the beast.....- BATTLE REQUESTS-
"I can't drown this demon.... he knows how to swim..."

Look who's all dressed/leveled up in time for Trollerween! None other than the self-dubbed Troll King Dave!.... who also appears to have escaped his tank....

                             ~OPEN BATTLE INVITATIONS!-~
(e.g. Everyone beat up Dave between today (October 10th) and Halloween (31st))

Since I'm challenging you against Dave, the new rule negates the coinflip and you get first move!
Dave's updated character sheet: <da:thumb id="483565907">

Completed battles so far....

* LOSS to scarlet-pikachu's Avi!
* LOSS to UntamedWolf's Arames!
* LOSS to Wolfsea's Blackrose, Anais (2) and Vexus!
* LOSS to Aariina's Zmaj!

* LOSS to WildheartTheWarrior's Rosie, Jerry & Erik!
* LOSS to GeneralWildfire's Aramis!
* DRAW with
Wolfsea's Nessie!
* DRAW with WildheartTheWarrior's Elphaba!

* LOSS to Ryu-Oni's Bruniik!

Current battles....

A Moment of Peace... by midnightwolf2334
A Moment of Peace...
Medeia cooed softly- her long fingers pressed daintily against the glass, as she gazed inside at the giant beast within. Her tamer- Sarah- sat some way behind her- observing her Trolls interactions with a soft sort of smile on her face.

It was perculiar to say the least, that the tiny Gimme-er wasn't terrified of the pseudo "Troll King"- even if he was secured by several sheets of thick glass wall. Medeia continued to breathe and slobber on the glass- her nails making tiny scratching noises on the glass as she struggled to remain balanced on her hind legs, her elongated front limbs making it awkward to keep her current position.

The "Troll King" himself glared angrily at both the other Troll and Tamer out of one searing red eye. Dave had certainly seen better days- and Sarah guessed he would have been a lot stronger, had it not been for his encounter with the sharp end of a harpoon. Even so, he was remarkably docile for a killer- although Sarah wasn't entirely sure she trusted the beast entirely....

The deep wounds over his biggest right eye were looking inflamed again, and he was beginning to wallow on his belly in the deep water again- the wounds on his chest probably weeping again, as the Troll simply refused to keep his dressings on long enough for those deep lacerations to close.

Medeia cooed again, tapping her nails on the glass to turn Dave's glare towards her. The red eyes swiveled, but the brown Gimme-er held her ground- waving and cooing softly...

And Sarah wondered if Dave took any comfort from it at all...


Had this drawn up for a while- now seems as good a time as any to post it. Working Dave up to level 4 and onwards ;)

Troll species (c) Rinjapine
Dave & Medeia (c) Me
From inside the box... by midnightwolf2334
From inside the box...
"After finding the mess of brown fur in an amnest box on the lab grounds, she never would have guessed that the tiny troll would come in to her care for the long run.... nor would she have imagined the walks in the woods, or the happy times, the- rather demnding- young troll would give her.

So it was with a smile and a laugh that she returned home every day, to a hug and a smile (and a nightly game of monopoly...) from the brown Gimme-er...

Who needed the average house pet anyway...."


My level up picture for Media. LOOK AT THE BABOOO!!! (much prettier than Dave....)

Galumphing Gimme-er species, Troll Warriorz (c) Rinjapine
Medeia (name, design) (c) Me
Only the beginning.....
"We need you to come in..."

And those words would haunt her for hours to come.

3am, with the frosty air biting at the bare skin on her arms, she drove swiftly and silently to the Mammal and Marine life Research center where she worked-- the tiny brown Gimmier, tucked up in a nest of towels on the passenger seat.

3:15 am, being sat down and told that another unknown specimin had been brought in, with no idea of the amount of damage it could cause.

3:30 am, with her hand pressed against the cold glass of a tank, eyes fixed upon the creature inside. "But that's....What did you do????!!"

The group of whitecoats behind her stuttered in their note making, and hummed and aahh-ed as a group before she turned on them with anger. "Why did you bring that thing here??!"

"We didn't.... don't.... What is it?" One managed to stutter out.

Her hands balled into fists, and she turned on the small man in fury. "You don't want to know what it is. Kill it now."

But of course... they wouldn't kill it... Did she really believe they would?...

That's why she found the paperwork on her desk hours later, labelled Offical Gov. Docs., all ready for her to fill out- in addition to a key code and a tank number.

And also the reason she was crouched next to the tank now, gazing at the injured Octothug resting there, 8 limbs tightened around it's injured torse and red eyes screwed up tight.

Private Confidential.
Government Property
NATO- Biological Mammal & Marine life reasearch Facilities

Identified Creature: Shark, Octopuss hybrid thing?  (Octothug-- Troll)

Reason for capture: Injured, (harpoon injury to chest cavity, wing(?) damage, as well as damage to the face), attacking (provoked?) a naval vessel, murder of 300 crew, sinking of numerous naval vessels.

Deadly rating:


Don't mind me. Just trying to level up Dave :meow: (Bit of a blood warning FYI)

Key to the paperwork thing: Bold Sarah's notes,  Italics original observations

Zealous Ultra-fanatical Octothug Species, Troll Warriorz (c)
Dave (c) Me


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